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Sverre CaldwellJuly 16, 2011

This morning we ran a 5.6 km time trail in South Londonderry. It was the first hard run effort for most of our group so it was great to have Calvin and Summer Spillane show up to lead the charge and run a good pace.

Sverre and Mae jog down to the start.
Calvin was our “rabbit” and he played the role well, running strong and smooth the whole way.
Bridger, Skyler, Austin Cobb.
Mac, Tyler and Nick.
Summer leads the girls.
Keeley, Gage and Izzy.
Mae and Alex.
The loop we ran was flat and in the shade so it was a good way to work on leg speed and fluid running technique. We will probably run the same loop again this fall and next summer so we can look for improvement.
Here are todays times:
Calvin 20:29
Skyler 20:32
Bridger 21:02
A Cobb 21:24
Tyler 22:09
JAC 22:16
Murph 22:55
Mac 22:57
Eli E 28:21

Summer 23:41
Izzy C 23:44
Issy P 23:59
Rachel 24:25
Gage 24:28
Keeley 25:34
Chloe 26:10
Tess 28:22
Pippin 28:29
Alex 29:29
Mackenzie 29:29
Mae 29:38

Good going everyone!

Sverre Caldwell

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