Weston Specific Strength

Sverre CaldwellJuly 14, 2011

What a perfect day for a double pole distance workout (64, blue skies and low humidity). Here the group gets workout instructions before they head out. Todays workout was pretty simple…2 hrs of d-pole, with some d-pole kick, s-pole and a little speed, followed by some striding technique drills.
One of the best things about our group is that there are lots of really good skiers. You do not have to hammer, just learn from the group. Todays group included 2 USST skiers and 14 Jr National All Americans!
Each week we make the workout a little bit tougher. The plan is to be tough by winter.
Bridger, Austin, Fritz, Skyler, Austin.
Gage, Issy, Rachel and MK.
Sophie and Ellery argue over which college team will be stronger next winter.
Sam gets some technique pointers from Poppet.


Some alums (all JO gold medalists).
The “future”.
2 USST skiers, the UVM captain and Bridger (USST J1 trip member). Not a bad group to ski with 🙂

Austin and Tyler in a nice forward position.

Sverre Caldwell

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