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Pate NeumannAugust 26, 2011

Team “Random Guys” made the paper!

A few weeks ago I joined Mike Norton (my boss at the BWTC) in his super sweet 30lbs custom Clipper canoe for the 27km paddling leg of the Norman Watson Classic on the Bow River from Lake Louise to Castle Junction. I did the race two years ago, except I did the running leg then. The paddling was quite a bit more fun, with lots of moving water and some big standing waves to play in. Our team was finalized at 9:00pm the night before and consisted of Mike and myself in the boat, Stu Lodge tackling the 8km run, and Darren Freeman, a monster on the bike, doing both the mountain and road bike stages of the race.

For a last minute entry, we ended up doing pretty well! We crossed the line first, about 8 minutes ahead of 2nd place. Mike and I got onto the water 2nd after the mtb leg and the run, and were able to catch the 1st place guys pretty quickly. I have been out in the boat a few time with Mike this summer, but he comes from a marathon/sprint racing background and I come from a “spend all day on the water with a loaded boat paddling from point A to B and do it again, for the next 10 days in a row” type of paddling background. So needless to say, the first time I got in the boat with him and started paddling at my seemingly lazy rate, he kindly asked me what I was doing… Since then, I have completely changed my paddling technique, to something 10 times faster (and more powerful) and haven’t done a J stroke since.

 Photo Credit: Jesse Winter!

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I am currently in Whistler, winding down day 10 of our 11 day training camp. It has been great to be back here, and I quickly remembered why I moved here to train for a year. I have been able to go back and train at all my favorite spots, and do it with a 31 person team! (Yes… the Academy has grown this camp with the addition of the Alberta Ski Team!)

More pictures and a better update to come on Whistler!

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