Hike, Roll and Skits at BKL Camp

Sverre CaldwellAugust 16, 2011

After lunch, the skies cleared and the sun poked out! The younger kids hiked Stratton while the older kids tried their hand at roller skiing. We split into groups based on technique and experience and had fun skiing at Ball Mtn. Dam.

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View from our road.

Picture break.

After an hour and a half of working on technique and doing drills, we offered a chance to do the d-pole and skate tests. We had about 1/2 of the kids try it and everyone did well.

The d-pole and Skate tests were run at the same time so there was plenty of action.

After the ski most of the kids took a dip.

Pikes Falls was running fast today!

Following dinner we had our clean room contest. For those parents who think that their kids can not keep their rooms clean, think again. Here are some pictures from various rooms.





Window writing.

Woah… that takes them over the top.






Looking for votes?

Some went so far as to bribe the judges. It was really tough for the judges to pick winners. Great job by everyone!

Skit night was lots of fun as all seven groups did a fine job. Above, our punk dancers started the evening off.

“Lady Gaga” and several other celebs interupted the SMS camp by mistake.

This group did not get along with their directors.

We were entertained by two pair of blind dates. In this date, the “girl” ate too much.

In this one, the “girl” was too aggressive for Eli.

Our yoga instructors show the proper technique for deodorant application.

Cool man Sverre and his girls.

Andy Newell get knocked out and loses his equipment.

“Austin” pumps iron.

…and takes a shower.

Sverre Caldwell

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