Ski Walking in the Sun

lizkantackAugust 29, 2011

The first day of classes was postponed until Tuesday, following a day of wind and rain from the hurricane that left many roads washed out nearby. As the hurricane blew out, gorgeous clear blue skies followed today and we hit the trails for some L3 ski walking intervals up Stratton this morning. We had a small crew today with many day students at home, but the on campus crew, plus several alums (Andy, Sophie, Izzy & Austin), pounded out some long intervals all the way to the top of the alpine area. The rest of the school was out for a hike up the mountain on their day off, so we caught many of them on our way up and down. Above, the boys start off on their second interval.

Paddy (hiding Austin) gets forward.

Hamish, Gino & Calvin.

Corky follows Sophie.

Izzy leads Kate & Anika.

Anika is new to our team this year from McCall, ID.

Boys start off on their final interval of the morning.

Roommates Hamish (Weston, MA) & Gino (Durango, CO) follow Calvin (Litchfield, CT). Hamish and Gino are juniors at SMS and Calvin joins us as a senior.

Corky from Minneapolis, MN is a PG this year – one of four PGs on our team.

The girls work together on the last interval.

Kate (in tye-die) from Lyme, NH is a one of five new juniors on our team. Not pictured is Mollie from Hanover, NH who did a similar workout on her bicycle this morning!

The whole crew at the top!

Heading back down for lunch!

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