SMS Jr Camp Day 1

Sverre CaldwellAugust 18, 2011

Our Junior camp started this afternoon with 60 skiers coming in shortly after lunch. Everyone arrived on time with their paper work so we were off to a good start.

We have split into 7 groups for the first couple of days so that everyone will have some consistency with coaching and training partners.

After getting to know each other, we introduced Leah (who turns 17 today).

And smiling Sam (who turns 16)

We played an ice breaker game and then got down to the fundamentals of technique and a ski walk/bound workout with 30 minutes of threshold work.

For the workout, we warmed up with technique work, then did 3×10 minutes with 4 minutes of recovery (walking downhill) between each interval. We used the recovery time to regroup so everyone would stay pretty close together.

Everyone made it almost all the way up the mountain and then had a nice stroll back down. We returned in time for a stretch and dinner.

After dinner we had talks on training and nutrition/recovery. Now everyone is settling into bed.

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Sverre Caldwell

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