EvanAugust 28, 2011
On a gorgeous late summer morning our stalwart crew took on an sprint triathlon in Shelburne, VT. In the calm before Irene’s storm the team churned up the course, racing to four top-ten finishes! Coach Beckwith took some dynamite photographs of all of our racers. As usual, we were joined by other racers, including David Sinclair, and Kristen, Diane, and Andreas Halvorsen. Great job everyone!

What hurricane?

David gets out to a strong start: game face out of the water.

Evan comes out of the water in 107th.

Kristen and MK come out of the water in strong position.

Kaitlin splashes her way to a strong swim leg.

David tears up some pavement.

Hans gets narrow.

Ryley and David cross paths.

Rafter Beckwith urges David to a second place overall finish!

Hans powers his way to 8th place.

Ryley had a strong day overall, finishing in 9th. His run split was 5th fastest on the day.

Andreas Halvorsen: floating on air.

Coach Beckwith gets artsy with the shadows, as MK punishes the road. She raced to 7th place for women.

Heidi had a solid all-around day, finishing 8th place.

Diane Halvorsen opens it up. Thanks for getting us all into the race!

Kristen and Kaitlin, stride for stride.


A successful day of racing all around!


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