2 Mile Uphill Run Test

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 2, 2011

This afternoon we had a 2 mile uphill running test. We had planned a mtn run, but the work road is so eroded, we decided to start a new test. We will repeat this test 2 more times this fall to see how the group is responding to the training. Our new test starts at the bottom of the big hill next to the school, goes up County road, turns right and ends up by the Stratton Maintainance buildings, just above school.

Mollie has a stress fracture and Anika has sore calves (from compartment syndrome) so they went biking with Liz and got in a short TT of their own.

The good news, everyone set PR’s! Heh heh..gotta love thee new tests! In all seriousness, though, we were happy with the group results… we had guessed that we would have 2 people sub 14 minutes and we ended with 9 people doing it.

Sophie smoked the girls and Calvin ran away from the boys, but there were lots of solid times.

Here are the times:

Calvin 12:12
Paddy 12:30
A Cobb 12:53
Matt 13:02
Tyler 13:11
Gino 13:20
Nick 13:27
Hamish 13:36
Sophie 13:52
Corky 14:13
Mac 14:25
Charlie 14:51
Izzy C 15:44
Issy P 15:49
Kate 15:57
Tess 17:09
Mackenzie 18:02
Brooke DNF

Sverre Caldwell

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