Bounding/Skate Roll/Strength

lizkantackSeptember 23, 2011

We wrapped up the school week today with two workouts: bounding intervals on our trail below the school before lunch (video of that coming soon) and an afternoon skate ski and strength in the gym. Brooke, Anika, and Mollie are hitting the tail end of rehab on their knees and legs, so they did a similar morning workout on their bikes out to the town of Stratton – 16 miles out and back. This afternoon we headed up to Lot 1 and warmed up with some loops, slaloms, and skate technique drills before getting down to business… a sweet game of keep away! Despite the steady drizzle, everyone kept moving and warm for a long, competitive game before heading back to the gym.

Warming up and working on balance.
T-bone’s got his game face on for keep away.
Kate’s balance is getting better each day!

Anika and Gino. Focused.

Hamish, Gino and Tess.
New Hampshire girls – Kate and Mollie.
Leaves are starting to turn in Vermont.
It takes a lot of time and K’s on your skis to move quickly in tight spaces, change directions, and feel balanced. Keep away is the perfect way to improve all of those things.
Hamish vs. Charlie…

Back to the gym for strength… it gets easier every week!

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