Finishing The Week

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 3, 2011

We finished off a busy week with a classic OD from Manchester to Arlington and back. The picture above shows where the water level was from the floods (you can see the under growth is all brown from the dirty water that was washing down through the fields).

The lead boys group included Andy and Skyler.

Mac, Charlie, Tyler and Corky.

The lead girls group included 4 World Jr Team members (Sophie, Annie Hart, Izzy and Heather).

Anika likes the rolling hills and all of the trees!

Issy P.

Brooke, Kate and Mollie.

Our roller ski loop was all clear and in good shape, but you could see signs of Irene. Here, a stream became a river and blasted across the road taking out the railroad tracks.

This is the field just below the tracks.

Andy skis by the area where the “stream” decided not to turn.

After our 2.5 hour ski, we returned for lunch and then headed to South Londonderry to clean up the West River Trail. Most of the school picked different towns and areas to help out cleaning up after the flooding. We chose to help clear a popular hike/run/mtn. bike loop that runs along the West river. It was amazing to see how deep the water had been and we worked up a good sweat cutting, digging and hauling for 2.5 hours in the warm afternoon sun. We got the 6 km loop cleaned up and returned for dinner, happy, hungry and tired. No doubt everyone will sleep well tonight!

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Sverre Caldwell

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