Nice day for a skate ski.

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 27, 2011

This afternoon we split the group in three for a skate ski. Our group went to BMD and worked on balance and V2, the other groups got to venture out on other roads for a distance ski.
Kate is starting to get much more comfortable on her skis.

Molly has been battling a stress fracture in her heel, but yesterday she visited the Dr. and got the ok to add skating. She is very happy :).
Tess is showing some excellent progress in her skating.
Mackenzie is working on keeping in a nice forward position.
We drop the poles to work on pushing with both legs.
Mollie and Kate working on “floating” up the hill.
Mackenzie wasn’t the only one enjoying a late afternoon swim.
The rest of the team headed to South Londonderry and split into two groups of five, with a coach biking alongside. Each group skied the same route, just in reverse order, and everyone skied for 1:30 – 1:45. Here’s the view from the bike today of Anika, Issy, Mac, Tyler, and Murph.
Mac and Murph – working on getting forward and skiing smooth.
New pavement on Thompsonburg Road – sweet!
Hop in line and roll. One of the best parts of being on this team is the number of talented skiers you get to train with every day. Pop in behind a teammate and figure out what they’re doing. Everyone’s working on something and there’s a lot of improvement on the team this fall.

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Sverre Caldwell

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