Skate Speeds.

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 5, 2011

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we get a morning workout from 11 to 12:15 (in addition to our afternoon workout). This time slot works well for agility, speed work and strength.

This morning we worked on skate agility and speed. We started with 1 km loops at the Sun Bowl that included a “leg speed” and a slalom course. After about 8 kms of that, we practiced some sprint finishes on the flat and up the hill.
It was a fun workout and the only ones who fell were Sophie and Izzy :).
Coaching on the fly.
Gino, Hamish and Paddy.
Murph leads the boys in a leg speed.

Kate and Anika. Anika’s skate boots fell apart so she had to classic ski.

Heather and Annie.

“Here is how the finishes will work”
Mac and Tyler (team RF).
Tess, Kate and ‘Kenzie.
Mollie can’t skate yet (but she is going to have a good d-pole!).
Murph and Hamish fight for the middle lane while Gino slides by on the inside.
Corky hammers the finish.
Calvin is fit as a fiddle, but he does not have the pure speed (yet).
Sophie goes airborn as she pulls away from Annie and Heather.
Izzy and Issy.
Charlie, Paddy and Tyler on the uphill finish.
Kate and ‘Kenzie.
Corky and Mac.
Sophie, Annie and Heather.

This afternoon we plan a team meeting to discuss goals and then a run and strength.

Sverre Caldwell

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