Skating at the Sun Bowl

lizkantackSeptember 30, 2011
Beautiful fall day at SMS! To end the school week, we headed out to the Sun Bowl before lunch for some skate speed and agility work. This afternoon we’ll be out for a run and then hit the gym for some strength. Tomorrow we’ve got a busy day – several of our seniors are taking the SATs in the morning, then heading up to Thetford, VT with the rest of the team for the Woods Trail Run with Sverre and Liz. Our PG athletes and those who can’t run will be doing a workout on campus with Matt.
Tess, Rizzo, & Kate.
Seniors leading the team through the drills – Paddy & Issy.
Fall colors are here in Vermont!
Calvin’s looking great on his rollerskis.
Mollie’s psyched to be back on skate skis – we’re taking it one day at a time. : )
Hamish & Paddy.
Gino & Issy.
Coaching. Best job ever!
Wrapping up with a quick game of keep away.
Brooke comes up with a block!
Congestion in the middle.
Gino and Calvin play defense.
Mac pursued by the ladies.

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