Sprint Practice

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 30, 2011

This morning I took Nick and Skyler down to Shaftsbury for a sprint practice with Andy and Bryan Cook. We actually drove over to Cambridge, NY where there are some great roads with very little traffic. We picked a 1.6 km course that included several steep uphills, 1 downhill and a tough finish.
The boys warmed up for 30 minutes and then got to work. We started with a prelim. and then ran 3 heats. We gave 25 minutes recovery after the prelim, 20 minutes after the 1st heat and 15 minutes recovery after the 2nd heat. Our goal was to mimic races where the recovery time tends to get smaller as you move on in the heats.
Here you can see the type of area where we were.
Prelim times:

Andy 3:31
Bryan 3:44
Skyler 3:46
Nick 4:07
1st Heat (Andy lead all the way at a slighlty more conservative pace and hammered the finish).
Andy 3:41
Bryan 3:44
Skyler 3:45
Nick 4:05
2nd Heat (Bryan lead the first 3/4’s at a good pace)
Andy 3:36
Bryan 3:42
Skyler 3:49
Nick 4:15
The boys gather and smile after their tough workout. They worked hard and did well. You can see from the times that the last one was getting tough (less rest and accumulated fatigue).
3rd Heat (Andy led the whole way)
Andy 3:40
Bryan 3:48
Skyler 3:59
Nick 4:06
This afternoon we all did a run with some pick-ups and strength.

Picture of campus from below the soccer field.

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Sverre Caldwell

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