Volume Week

lizkantackSeptember 15, 2011
We’re nearing the end of the end of a volume week and we’re just about three weeks into the school year, so everyone is getting into the swing of things with the schedule, classes, homework, training, staying healthy and balancing it all. In the last three days, we’ve done a threshold workout at BMD (Tues), morning agility work on foot, followed by a long, easy classic ski out to Stratton (Weds), and a recovery hike up the alpine area (Thurs). In lieu of more photos, check out the video above for some footage of the past week. It’s no fancy Revived Films production, but I’m working hard on my tracking shots from the bike… : ) Double click on the video or hit the “X” to see it bigger.
Mac flying through his first threshold interval.

Corky getting forward.
Tess follows Issy and works on her technique.

Gino checks his heart rate and time at the end of the interval.
Corky powering to the line.
Mollie, the double pole queen!
Checking lactates…who’s really in L3?
T-bone is wiped after his last interval.
Ladies team in Stratton mid-ski.
Up the mountain.
Pausing for some construction trucks…
The crew at the summit.
In the clouds.

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