Winter Termers Join Us For OD

Sverre CaldwellSeptember 11, 2011

We skied a nice loop down in the valley yesterday. 40 kms of gentle rolling terrain. It was perfect for a d-pole distance workout and a good ski for our local winter term kids to join in.
Smiley, aka Anika.
Hamish made a small error in ski selection and did a combi workout :).
Kate, Tess and Mollie.

Poppet and Russell come through the covered bridge on the way back from Arlington.
Alex and Helena finish up their ski.
Katharine and Pippin skiing along with Liz.
Austin, Corky, Gino and Calvin cruise along.
Issy nears home (the Manchester PO).

The ski ended a solid week of training. Sunday is off…everyone needs to recover and prep for the higher volume week that is coming up.

Sverre Caldwell

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