10/12 Double Pole Test

lizkantackOctober 12, 2011

This afternoon we did our double pole test for the second time since the beginning of the school year. Temps were 55F today compared to 72F when we last did the test on August 31 (rollerskiing is generally slower in colder temperatures) and the team is coming off a big volume week, so it was interesting to see how everyone responded to those variables. Everyone got a warm up in and then we got to it. Afterwards, the team did a little cool down lap around the Sun Bowl and regrouped…only to learn that they were doing the DP test again! It was a good chance for everyone to find out how warmed up they really were for their first effort (a few skiers got faster or had similar times on their second test) and manage the mental aspect of hopping in and doing the test all over again with no prior warning. : ) Results, sorted by the first test, and photos from the warm up below! (No pictures from the test itself since we had coaches timing and doing video.) More photos on the team SmugMug site.

12-Oct #1 12-Oct #2 31-Aug 9-Aug 7-Jul 9-Jun 13-May
Hamish 3:58 4:06 4:08
Murph 4:03 4:06 4:09 4:35
Paddy 4:07 4:08 4:04 4:18
Charlie 4:11 4:26 4:29
Gino 4:13 4:22 4:38
Tyler 4:16 4:28 4:09 4:27 4:32 4:23
Walker 4:19 4:32
Calvin 4:41 4:40 4:36 5:12
Anika 4:55 4:57 5:07
Brooke 4:59 5:13 4:57 5:29
Mollie 5:46 5:49 5:48
Kate 5:50 6:02 6:05
Tess 5:53 6:26 6:04 7:03 6:28 6:59 7:40
Mackenzie 6:11 6:03 7:05 6:55 7:42
Walker Bigelow is in town and came by for practice – nice to see him out with the guys!
Tyler and Charlie warm up together.
Anika, Tyler, Corky.
Mollie and Kate.
Kate checks in with Sverre.

The crew gets final instructions before starting the DP test.
Corky is PSYCHED to be feeling better and back on his rollerskis.
A look at the big climb on the DP test.
Warming down… all smiles to be done with the test…
“We have to do it again!?”
Happy girls post-workout. : )

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