AM Training: Lot 1 Classic Speeds

lizkantackOctober 26, 2011
This morning we skied up to Lot 1 and did some classic speeds, starts, and technique work. It was a chilly training session up on the mountain that started with some very light rain and ended in the clouds. After 45 minutes of single sticking, downhill striding, speeds and starts, we headed back in for lunch. This afternoon we’ll hit the golf course for some running intervals to gear up for the state meet on Saturday. (Above, Mackenzie single sticks like a pro.)
Kate single sticking.
Andy balancing on one ski down the hill.
Anika & Brooke.
Next wave attacks for the rolling start speeds.
Paddy’s got his game face on.
Hamish looked fast this morning – holding off Andy here.
Sverre gives instructions for the next round of drills.
Andy (USST) vs. Mackenzie (8th grade). : )
Tyler ready spring off the line as the clouds roll in.
Paddy, Skyler, Andy & Charlie are fast off the line.
Charlie keeping it close!
Reverse direction: drop-in style speeds. Charlie, Murph, Paddy, Andy.
Gino, Hamish, Tyler.
Brooke, Anika, Issy.
Mackenzie, Mollie, Kate.

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