Beautiful Day for a Classic Ski

lizkantackOctober 20, 2011

This afternoon the team did a nice classic ski out to the town of Stratton. Despite the morning being overcast and rainy, the weather cleared in time for practice and we had great, somewhat warm weather for training. The boys skied in one big pack and the girls were in two smaller packs, but everyone stuck close together and enjoyed a nice, relaxed ski.

Gino, Paddy, & Hamish stride up the hill into the town of Stratton.
Charlie looking smooth.
Corky, Calvin, and Murph.
We had the team stop 6K into the ski and worked on some arm and leg swings – reminding everyone to ski smooth, relax their shoulders, and maintain an athletic body position.
Rizio looking good.
The boys skied in a big pack this afternoon.
Gino & Hamish.
Boys team near the top of the Stratton Arlington Road.
Brooke, Issy, Anika & Mollie striding to the top.
Tess & Kate – skiing and chatting. : )
Boys team – cruising.
Girls – heading for home.

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