Brattleboro Running Race

Sverre CaldwellOctober 11, 2011

We ended our long weekend with a “back to school” running race. Everyone had been on strict orders to rest after the big effort last week and we were interested to see how they responded. Most of the kids felt a bit flat (not too suprising). It will be good to see how they respond over the next couple of days when we are doing our d-pole test and uphill running test.

Pictured above is the Jr High race with Russell (in a BF shirt) and Mackenzie.
Mackenzie ran well. She is working on her pacing and she saved enough energy to finish strongly and win the girls race.
Russell made it two for two at Brattleboro.
The boys start.
Calvin and Paddy cruise down the first hill.
Hamish and Gino work their way up the 1 km hill.
Mac ran tough while fighting stomach cramps.
Hamish, Gino and Tyler.
Last time up!
Tyler always starts slowly and works into it. Today he was around 25th at 2 km and ended 8th.
Girls start.
Tess ran a good race (no times yet).
Kate looks good at 1 km.
Brooke has been battling a bum knee, but she felt good enough to “get her feet wet” today.

Sverre Caldwell

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