Lake O’Hara!

Pate NeumannOctober 10, 2011

Two weeks ago (okay… three now) Emma and I headed up to Lake O’Hara with her parents and some good family friends. Lake O’Hara is one of my favorite running spots, there is endless terrain, incredible mountain views and it is easily accessible. Emma’s parents and friends stayed at the Warden Cabin on the lake (thanks to Sue Hairsine and her hook ups!) while Emma and I camped at the camp ground. It was an incredible weekend with some great hiking/running, food, friends and family!

Below are some pictures of the fun.

Lake O’Hara
Heading out on day one up towards Lake McArthur.

The Larch trees were just entering their prime.
A Pika mowin’ down!

Lake McArthur…  It is a gorgeous lake and appears to have been filled with blue Powerade instead of water. Fantastic color.

We even had our first taste of snow (not so cool for those of us camping…)
On day two we headed out and completed the alpine circuit.
And of course took the token ‘Lake O’Hara’ picture that everyone needs!
Looking towards Lake Oesa from Wiwaxy Gap.
Looking down on Lake O’Hara
A crystal clear mountain pond below Oesa.

Amazing colors!

One of the small ponds below Opabin Lake with Wiwaxy gap in the distance.
Happy Campers!

Lake O’Hara

Amazing weekend overall! Thanks to Paula, Jeff, Sue and the Jenkins for an awesome weekend!

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