Monday – Leg Speed & L3 Double Pole

lizkantackOctober 17, 2011

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday are double days for us. Today we spent our 11am training session working on leg speed (for those who can run) and skate speed (Anika and Mollie). We were all out at the Sunbowl together, so we had everyone in a big group with all three coaches. Runners did 8 x 200m repeats and Anika and Mollie did similar length speeds on their skate skis. We switched gears and did some plyos, followed up by a few short bounding drills and some bungee work for our skiers and then headed in for lunch.
After classes, we headed back out for some L3 double pole work. We had everyone double pole from the start of our double pole test, up past the Sunbowl and then up toward Lot 1 on the access road. Each interval took between 9-12 minutes, with boys doing the loop 4 times and the girls doing it 3 times. Check out the video above for footage from the afternoon. Apologies to Tess for the very short clip of her double pole (camera shut off while biking…whoops) and to Mackenzie who left early so I didn’t catch her on camera. Next time!

More photos HERE.

Calvin, Hamish, Tyler, Gino, Charlie and Issy warm up this morning.
Gino and Hamish mid-200 meter speed.
Tess, Mackenzie & Kate.
Murph, Calvin, Charlie, Mac, Tyler & Hamish.
Kate, Tess, Brooke, Mackenzie.
Hamish, Calvin, Paddy.
Sverre gives some advice to Anika and Mollie.
Charlie & Issy get competitive.
Mackenzie & Kate.
Telemark jumps with Boobar.
One-legged jumps.
Anika and Mollie – teamwork.
Matt has an attentive audience.
Mollie & Anika.
Heading out for the afternoon – we’ve got a big team this fall!
Andy trained with us this afternoon.
Hamish, Gino, Mac charge up the hill, chasing after Andy.
Our boys team is looking strong. We’ve got five Junior National team members, five JN golds, several All-American performances, and one J1 Scando team member in this group.
Issy, Anika, & Brooke, all smiles after a great workout! These three are Junior National team members too. Four JN podiums in this group.
Brooke & Tess head down the hill for their last interval.

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