Mooney & Davis Tops at Skate Sprint Practice

Sverre CaldwellOctober 15, 2011

Yesterday we had a skate sprint practice. It was a dreary day, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits as everyone hammered out 4 tough sprints.

After a good warm up, we started with a 1 km mostly uphill prelim. We were at BMD so although it is up, it is not too steep and everyone has to decide whether to use V2 or V1 technique. The course ended with a gradual down so it was important to accelerate over the top of the hill.

We had all three coaches busy with timing and video, so we’ve got fewer pictures today and they’re all of the warm up or cool down – apologies, we’ll grab some more next time!

Prelim times:
Skyler 3:04
Paddy 3:07
Nick 3:15
Hamish 3:20
Gino 3:21
Charlie 3:27
Calvin 3:37
Brooke 3:57
Anika 4:02
Mollie 4:36
Kate 4:45
Mackenzie 4:49
Tess 5:00
Next, we ran the same uphill course in heats. It rained pretty hard for this heat and there was some group strategy going on so times were a bit slower:

Skyler 3:12
Paddy 3:17
Nick 3:22
Gino 3:26
Hamish 3:31
Charlie 3:26
Calvin 3:39
Brooke 4:07
Anika 4:13
Mollie 4:36
Kate 4:49
Tess 5:22
Mackenzie 5:52 (with crash)
For our final two heats, we moved to a gentle rolling course and split the group by sex. The flat course changed the results a bit (some skiers are better on hills, ski speed comes more into play on the flatter course etc..).
Here are the times for the last two heats (heavier rain in 2nd heat):
Skyler 2:53, 3:00
Nick 2:54, 3:01
Gino 2:56, 3:03
Paddy 2:57, 3:05
Charlie 3:05, 3:02
Hamish 3:10, 3:11
Calvin 3:21, 3:23
Brooke 3:40, 3:45
Anika 3:44, 3:52
Mollie 4:23, 4:11
Kate 4:18, rest (coaches orders..she has a little cold)
Tess 4:26, 4:32
Mackenzie 4:27, 4:08
It was interesting to see Charlie, Mollie and Mackenzie really rip their last heats. This shows that there was a strong learning curve for the workout!

Great job by everyone 🙂

Sverre Caldwell

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