Morning Glory Skate Ski in VT

EvanOctober 24, 2011
It was cold and foggy this morning when we strapped on the rollerskis, but we charged out there anyway and it turned into one of the nicest days of the fall.
Before we even put skis on, we tried to get a sense of weight shift initiated by ankle flexion. We’re trying to be good all-around athletes, and are emphasizing balance, flexibility, and agility in every workout we do. Especially while doing dryland training, it is important to keep in mind the goals for every workout.  We need to answer the question: how is this workout designed to make me become a better skier?
So much speed can come from the momentum conserved by forward positions and effective weight transfer. Not all skiers look the same while skiing, but the basic elements are the same. Constant glide is initiated by forward knee pressure, forward hips, and full commitment to each ski.

We’ve got great kids on this team: tired from play, soccer, and a 7:45 AM training block, Dev brought a lot of focus to the workout today.

 It was a pretty sweet morning to be alive in Vermont.
 We no-pole skated up towards Lincoln gap, thinking about the drills we had just done.

 Every workout can be fun if you make it so!
 Dev, Kaitlin and Ryley just finished up the production of Cats, but Dev’s not about to shed his theatricality.

 Speedskating the downhill, working on the elusive “double push.”
 Then we skied up to East Warren with poles, and got up above the fog that remained in the valley. What a morning!

 What’s up Fitzy?
Dev the cat. Pretty awesome production, and we had some stars in it for sure. This is the only photo I’ve run across so far but I’m sure more of them will by flying through the internet tubes in the next few days.


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