XCFeedsSkate Ski at BMD

Avatar lizkantackOctober 25, 2011

Gorgeous day for a skate ski! We headed down to Ball Mountain Dam for an easy roll under sunny skies. Everyone did between an hour and an hour and a half of skating with a good chunk spent no-pole skiing. Above, the girls pose for a photo after the workout.
Charlie & Mac spent some time balancing on one ski. Charlie’s working on perfecting a new technique. : )
Skyler out for a cruise with the team today.

Corky, Gino, & Murph: no-poling.

Hamish (hiding Skyler) & Paddy.
Charlie warming up.
Corky works on his technique by following Gino. Below, the girls take following a teammate to the extreme – six girls in a row, perfectly synchronized.

Boobar keeping an eye on Paddy, Hamish, & Skyler. Perfect day for a ski.



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