Uphill Run/Ski

Sverre CaldwellOctober 13, 2011

This week we have scheduled an intensity week and included some of our tests. Today we did our uphill running test. The run is two miles long and climbs up County road, past the Sun Bowl and back to school.

Anika, Mollie and Brooke skied a tough classic Prologue instead of running because of injuries. Their course started at school and climbed to the top of Tree Tops. They all skied well with Anika nipping Brooke and Mollie (sorry, no pictures).
Last week we had a big volume week followed by a rest weekend. Our intensity week is scheduled to give the athletes a max VO2 block, to see how they are progressing AND to see how they react to a big block, total rest and then intensity. Some feel great after rest, others feel flat etc… The goal is for each athlete to try different things and find out what works best for them.
This morning we ran in the rain. County road was muddy and squishy so the course was a bit slow. Here are the todays times followed by the (times from early September).
Calvin 12:12 (12:12)
Paddy 12:23 (12:30)
Murph 13:07 (13:27)
Gino 13:09 (13:20)
Tyler 13:25 (13:11)
Hamish 14:06 (13:36)
Issy 15:51 (15:49)
‘Kenzie 17:26 (18:02)
Tess 17:28 (17:09)

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Sverre Caldwell

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