Volume Week Day 5

Sverre CaldwellOctober 7, 2011

This morning we continued our volume week with a 100 km bike ride. Matt picked out a great loop that started and ended in Manchester and the weather was perfect. After all of the training over the last 4 days, a nice 3 1/2 hour ride was a great way to finish things off.

Mackenzie and Sverre did a shorter 2 hour bike because of their ages 🙂
The lead group starts up the rte 7 valley.
Temps were in the upper 40’s when we started, but they quickly rose into the mid 60’s.
Cruising through town.
Hamish stops for a snack.
Liz, Tess and Kate are all smiles with another beautiful day.
Color “pop”.
Calvin refuels.
The group heads up to Danby Four Corners.
Our route took us over some nice back roads in the Danby, Pawlet, Rupert area.
Mollie and Anika work the big uphill.
Tyler nears the top on the Rupert Mountain Road.
Tess, above, and Issy, below, with legs burning.

Ahhhh..the reward 🙂

Sverre Caldwell

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