Combi OD

Sverre CaldwellNovember 6, 2011

We finished our training week with a combi OD. It was a beautiful day and we had most of our winter term kids join us for the afternoon.

Helena and Alex chase their shadows.
Skyler, Murph and friends.
Issy is happy to be done with first quarter finals and SAT’s.
Team Revived Films.
Everyone switched to running gear and ran on the West River Trail up to South Londonderry. We sent them out in three different groups, 10 minutes apart, with the goal of having everyone finish close together. It worked almost perfectly :).

Katharine, Mackenzie, Corky, Mac, Issy and Kate.
Happy girls.
The third group crosses the campground bridge, only 3 more miles to go.

After the workout, everyone went to the Caldwell house for dinner (thanks Lilly).

The 8th grade girls ended the day with a little frisbee practice.

Sverre Caldwell

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