Max Speed/Power

EvanNovember 1, 2011
Today we stepped out the backdoor onto some fresh pavement to do max speed/power work on foot and on roller skis. After warming up on the classic boards, we launched into the workout, designed to develop fast, explosive impulses.
We started with the running component: 6, 8, and 12 second max efforts repeated three times.

The workout is deceptively hard… we brought some pain faces out to play.

Dev… killing it in bare feet.

We were all channeling our inner Usain Bolt.
After the running, we strapped on the skis, rolled up the hill easily, then returned (with skis still on!) to the start line in the van. Three more sets of max speeds and we were done. A solid workout all around.

It was all about speed today: first raw speed, then trying to go as fast as possible while holding together some classic technique!
And it was beautiful in Waitsfield to boot!

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