Sunny Morning at Lot 1

lizkantackNovember 8, 2011

Today we spent the morning at Lot 1 working on skate speeds. We had team line up two or three at a time and do a slightly downhill start and then, without pushing the pace, carry their speed around a wide sweeping corner and then turn it on again to sprint into the finish. It was a good chance for everyone to work on their starts, finishes, and also on their racing tactics. Better to lead? Better to come from behind? Skyler talked with the team about how he approaches starts and race tactics – really helpful input from a teammate. Check out the pictures below and tons more here. We started off practice with some slaloms & one leg slaloms.
Koby & Gino.
Mac, Tyler and Murph.Paddy & Corky.
Chloe Levins came down from Rutland to join us for practice – great to have her out with the team! Her brother Jimmy (former Middlebury racer) drove her down and helped out at practice for the morning.
Hamish & Gino.
Skyler – check the bent poles!
Ladies – Mollie, Kate, Tess, & Chloe.
Brooke & Issy.
Koby & Calvin.
Wrapped up practice with a quick game of keep-away.

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