West Yellowstone

EvanNovember 22, 2011
Welcome to the Wild West!
We showed up in Big Sky country on Sunday night and woke up to beautiful blue skies and snow in Bozeman, Montana. 
Our minivan took a stone to the windshield roughly four minutes into our trip from the airport and we used that as an excuse to trade up for a bigger ride. 8-passenger Ford Expedition, baby! And we packed it to the gills with everything imaginable.
The guy greeting us at the hotel in Bozeman gave us directions to Sourdough Canyon, and we cruised up a tracked trail that followed the contours of Bozeman Creek into the mountains.
We spent some time getting the feel for skiing on snow, and enjoyed the sunshine.
Coach Beckwith demonstrates some awesome weight transfer. Look how committed he is to that glide ski! Boo-yeah!
Fitzy pauses in the horse tracks on the trail: there were all sorts of animals rollicking around in Sourdough.
After our ski, we headed down into Bozeman. When this van pulled up alongside our car we could tell something great was about to happen. And while Fantasy Decks and Custom Interiors didn’t make our fantasy reality, we had a pretty sweet time making a budget wax bench yesterday afternoon. Here’s how it went down: 

Steve was ready to help out with our needs at Ace Hardware.  We wanted to have a functional ski bench with minimal cost.  We found a locking, aluminum bench which cost 19.99, which needed a 2×4 stud to attach to the top so we could affix our Swix form with standard clamps.  In comes Steve and his skills with a chop saw. Watch those fingers Steve!
The handy horse and 2×4 in the shop at Ace.

Two thumbs up — the bench is coming into form and we’ve done nothing but crack some jokes and some brainstorming.
At the checkout we were really starting to have fun.  Here we met Mellisa who was happy to help with the creation of our project.
Where’s that bar code?
Total cost = 33 and change.  No baggage fees.
How about a balloon for the effort?

And back into Big Ski Country with a solution to our wax bench woes — 10 minutes and we are in and out.

After  a snowy drive down to West — which included a spectacular view of a forest fire near Big Sky Resort — we were greeted by the Halvorsen’s and an awesome chili dinner.

Four sheet metal screws later — the bench is finished and ready to go.
Even a little room for an iron holder!
The GMVS team in front of our accommodations at the Faithful Street Inn.  Conditions are great and we’ve started our second training camp for the year on snow.  We’ve already had an adventure ski and two technique sessions on snow.  Heidi got in some killer intervals yesterday and we are all excited to watch and compete in some of the Super Tours.
Lots of smiles as we meet up with old friends and make new ones.  Tonight alum Peter Kling stopped by to offer some advice and say hi.
We’re in West until the December 1st and then up to Bozeman for Super Tours and more fun in Big Sky Country.
Stay tuned!


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