Fall Camp Recap

lizkantackDecember 12, 2011
The J2/J3 group arrived safely back in Vermont this evening, and the J1/OJ + Brooke group arrives home tomorrow evening. We’ve had a great time in Colorado and have gotten a lot of quality training in. As Sverre mentioned, the older kids headed over to Steamboat for a time trial on Saturday. It was nice to get a hard effort in, come down almost 2,000 feet from where we were living & training for the previous week, and mix it up with the Steamboat kids – who were fast! Results are over on their blog. No photos from the TT, but plenty of other photos from the week. Check them out below:
We watched Kikkan win gold in Davos on Sunday morning. We headed out for our morning jog and ran back inside and crowded around the kitchen table in the boys house to watch the final!
That same afternoon we headed out for a long OD. This crew made it to the top of Blue Ridge – 10,670 feet! Sweet! Katharine and Brooke also made it to the top, but missed the picture, and several others got to 9,800 feet before turning around.
On Sunday night we had our Yankee Swap – $5 limit that produced everything from body spray to Red Bull to various thrift shop finds to stuffed animals to $5 in cold hard cash. Charlie was the first to pick up the night’s coveted item – an American flag button up shirt (Koby’s find)…
…and Murph briefly got the shirt, but Sophie (lucky #1 for the swap) wrangled a deal to get back the shirt and swap it with Charlie for a cowboy hat from Steamboat, purchased by Gino.
Pippin opens her gift – canned hot sauce! Hmmm…. “BFD” – breakfast for dinner at the J2/J3 house!

Prepared by head chef for the night – Alex Cobb!
Lots of photos from a practice earlier this week – we skied a short loop in groups of 2-4 and the goal was to have everyone take turns leading and getting up to top speed from the start of downhill and then carrying that speed to the low point of the loop. We waxed at the lodge at the nordic center every few days. Great to have benches available for us to use, which allowed us to travel light!
Team photo on Sunday morning before heading out for our classic OD.
Waking up to this every morning – what a great way to spend a week!

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