Mooney, Hoffman Win Grafton TT

Sverre CaldwellDecember 30, 2011

Austin, Corky, Hamish & Gino – post TT.

Heather Mooney and Noah Hoffman skied away with the victories in this mornings classic time trial at Grafton Ponds. The flat loop, with granular snow turned the TT into a d-pole race. Some who waxed paid the price with slower skis, but everyone had a good hard workout. We took lap times which are listed below. Most of the skiers were quite consistent so that was good. On a course like this, I like to see all of the lap times within 10 seconds; this shows good pacing and no mental breaks.

Paddy is coming off of a cold so he did pick-ups behind people. Tess is coming off of sickness so she went L3.
Womens results:
Heather 2:29,2:33,2:33,2:35,2:33,2:30, 15:13
Sophie 2:32,2:36,2:36,2:39,2:38,2:35, 15:38
Izzy C 2:36,2:39,2:42,2:41,2:40,2:35, 15:53
Gage 2:37,2:43,2:46,2:47,2:45,2:42, 16:20
Anika 2:39,2:46,2:45,2:50,2:53,2:51, 16:44
Keely 2:45,2:52,2:49,2:50,2:52,2:52, 17:04
Issy P 2:48,2:50,2:51,2:53,2:53,2:52, 17:07
Cam 2:47,2:51,2:50,2:56,2:58,2:54, 17:16
Katharine 2:53,2:54,3:01,2:54,2:51,2:51, 17:24
Chloe 2:55,2:59,2:58,2:57,3:00,2:59, 17:48
Mollie 3:05,3:10,3:10,3:06,3:06,3:07, 18:44
‘Kenzie 3:07,3:09,3:07,3:11,3:15,3:11, 19:00
Pippin 3:12,3:17,3:14,3:14,3:19,3:18, 19:32
Alex 3:25,3:32,3:30,3:23,3:25,3:21, 20:36
Tess 3:28,3:40,3:41,3:41,3:48,3:43, 22:01
Boys Results:
Noah 2:14,2:14,2:21,2:22,2:21,2:20,2:20,2:22,2:23,2:19, 23:16
Hamish 2:24,2:29,2:30,2:33,2:29,2:30,2:32,2:29,2:33,2:29, 24:58
JACald 2:19,2:31,2:31,2:35,2:31,2:33,2:31,2:26,2:31,2:32, 25:00
ACobb 2:24,2:29,2:34,2:31,2:30,2:33,2:32,2:35,2:32,2:33, 25:17
Tyler 2:30,2:34,2:34,2:33,2:31,2:33,2:31,2:34,2:35,2:32, 25:27
Corky 2:29,2:32,2:38,2:45,2:35,2:34,2:37,2:36,2:36,2:38, 25:50
Gino 2:20,2:30,2:37,2:35,2:36,2:37,2:40,2:37,2:41,2:40, 25:53
Calvin 2:37,2:40,2:40,2:35,2:33,2:33,2:36,2:35,2:34,2:32, 25:57
Mac 2:33,2:44,2:51,2:54,2:53,2:57,2:57,2:57,2:57,2:57, 28:40
Tomorrow we head to Rumford with a big group for Senior Nationals. It should be a great week of racing!
Special thanks to Jimmy Levins and Brayton Osgood for helping time!
More photos here.
Keeley Levins (Midd).
Sophie (Dartmouth).
Katharine checks out what Izzy’s doing. 🙂
Cam (MSU), followed by Chloe Levins.

Gage (UVM).


TT champ Heather (Midd).




Cousins Austin (Dartmouth) & Paddy.
Noah Hoffman (USST) set the pace today.



Birthday boy Corky & Calvin battled back and forth.

Austin Cobb (Midd), followed by Paddy.

Anika – all smiles while on her cool down. : )

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Sverre Caldwell

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