NIS: The World’s No. 1 Nordic Binding System

Audrey ManganDecember 25, 2011

The Nordic Integrated System (NIS) allows for quick and easy binding installation directly onto the ski, without screws—simply “click-on.” The binding is based on NNN technology so that all NNN boots (regardless of age) will fit the binding.

Full integration between ski and binding

  • The tight contact betwee the ski and the binding creates optimal stability, ski control and kick.

Quick and easy installation and mounting

  • No need to find the balance point or drill holes.
  • NIS bindings come fully assembled from Rottefella – no loose parts.
  • The binding has two components—front binding and hell plate—which slide easily into position using the NIS key tool.
  • The heel plate adjusts from boot sizes 37 to 48 (adults) and 31 to 42 (junior).
  • Front binding can be adjusted to 5 different positions forward and back of the balance point of the ski.

Individual adjustments of the binding position

  • Only NIS ski bindings can be adjusted lengthwise after installation
  • Moving the binding allows for individual adjustment of each pair of skis based on kick, technique and ski properties, allowing more relaxed and efficient skiing.
  • The binding can be locked into five different positions, depending on what suits the racer best. Total length adjustment = 2 centimeters.

Although the full benefit of the NIS binding system is only enjoyed with the combination of NIS skis and NIS bindings, it is still possible to use tradition “screw bindings” from Rottefella and Salomon.

Audrey Mangan

Audrey Mangan (@audreymangan) is an Associate Editor at FasterSkier and lives in Colorado. She learned to love skiing at home in Western New York.

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