2nd Period of Competition

    Just finished up the 2nd period of races. This time we were in Oberstdorf, Germany and Chaux Neuve, France. I was very excited about these competitions, coming off some solid racing in the continental cup competitions in park city.

    We arrived in Germany to some pretty solid conditions for cross country. I had a short couple days before competitions, we started off with intervals on the XC course and felt very happy with the form in the course country side. Friday came along with official training and qualification. Right away we were met with some pretty challenging conditions due to the strong wind and snowy conditions. Unfortunately I was not able to get my stride on point and didn’t get to ski in the individual event on sunday!

Saturday was the team event, I was very excited for this as I thought we had a good chance to reach a podium as a team. I knew I was going to have to step it up on the jump hill for us to have a chance. I had my best jump of the trip but still was not far enough to get the team up there. On the cross country side, I felt strong for skiing by myself felt like I had a fast time!

Chaux Neuve
Monday we drove to France after a beautiful ski in Oberstdorf. After the long haul and mission of finding the hotel we got settled in and ready for the weekend.

This weekend was a super weekend with one of the competitions from the cancelled weekend being replaced in Chaux Neuve. Three weekends meant three days of chances for me to solidify my ranking in the top 50 and get some new personal best finishes.

Day 1: The first day of competition started off with two rounds of official training, provisional round, a competition round, and then the race later that day.

Starting from the first jump in training, I had some very positive feelings on the hill. I decided to skip the next round and go into the Provisional competition round. With some very hard conditions, blowing wind I was able to produce another good jump. Later in the round, they decided to cancel the provisional round since the snow had stopped and the wind had gotten better.

The competition was up next. I couldn’t feel better heading in to the jump, with two solid jumps behind me I was able to produce an even better jump past the k-point, placing me the closest to the leader I have ever been. I was very excited for the race, knowing I had a very good chance at getting a top 15 and for sure a top 30. The excitement actually was too much for me and I ended up going out way to hard and was not able to keep the pace of the others by the third lap. To sum it up, I was very happy with the days performance and finishing 25th to score more points.

Days 2 and 3: Drawing off the previous day’s results, I was feeling really positive about the two days following. Unfortunately I didn’t have the solid feelings on the jump hill as the day before. Both days, I felt just behind the curve with my move and position. I was very bummed I couldn’t reproduce those jump, but I am really starting to pick my level up to a higher level and look forward to more chances.

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November 21, 2012


November 21, 2012