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Avatar JGreggJanuary 3, 2012

Jessie Diggins coming into the finish straight with Jennie Bender and Caitlin Gregg tucked in behind her

Rain, Rest, Racing is the happening in Rumford Maine were the US Nationals is happening.  The artificial snow on the short 3 k loup was so wet on Monday that the races were postponed a day to let things dry out.   A Rest day before the Race!    Things did get underway today with the freestyle sprints.    CXC girls dominated with a 1, 2 (Caitlin) and 3 finish.   Click here for SmugMug pictures of the girls exciting finish.   Brian was 26 in the qualifing  time trial.

In the quater finals Brian is on the far left next to Sam Naney in this SmugMug photo.

Here are the results of the freestyle sprints.  The unique photo at the top and the ones below are from Ian Harvey – Toko.

Jennie and Caitlin (Spectators in the background need not wear snow boots)

Jessie Diggins, Jennie Bender, and Caitlin Gregg leading out the women's A final

CXC girls having fun on the podium



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