XCFeedsRelay Bronze at YOG’s!

Sverre CaldwellJanuary 21, 2012

This morning we had a biathlon/cross-country relay race at the Youth Olymoic Games. The first leg was biathlon girls, followed by x-c girls (Heather), then biathlon boys and finally the x-c boy (Paddy). Each biathlete shot twice and there were big swings in placings depending on how acurate each was. Our biathletes, Anna and Sean, put it all together and skied great races.
Here is Anna looking stong and smooth. There were 24 teams so it was tight most of the time.
Heather woke up with a nasty head cold last night and wasn’t even sure that she could race. Her instructions were to ski smooth and relaxed. In the snow storm, this was the way to ski and she had a good solid leg.
Sean was a super star today. He shot and skied really well and pulled the team into second place!
Paddy got to start with the Russian, French and Swiss breathing down his neck. The Russian (who won Tuesdays race) caught him and they took turns leading before the Russian boy pulled a bit ahead on the last steep climb. Paddy sprinted hard but was 1/2 second out of the silver.
Happy team-mates!
Team gets interviewed by Eurosport.
This truck did not have any snow on it yesterday!

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Sverre Caldwell

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