Report from IBU Euro Champs

FasterSkierJanuary 28, 2012
Casey Smith, earlier in the
season at Canmore.

Casey Smith is a young local guy who has been pursuing biathlon since he was in Jr High.    All along the way he’s been working with Ultratune to get good skis and service.      Casey isn’t just a client, he’s almost family for us.      Casey’s had great results all through the early season in domestic events, and now he’s in Europe racing in a much deeper field of talent.

In addition to having a lot of skill and talent as a Biathlete, Casey is a great resource for ski and grind feedback.   He’s got a good feel for the snow and is very objective.

Here’s a note from Casey after the first race at the IBU European Championships.

      Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 07:45:46 -0800
      From: Casey Smith      
      Subject: Euro Race 1
      To: Mark Waechter 

Hey Mark,

I’m sure that you have found the results already but things were fairly
solid. I was 31st shooting 1,1. I felt pretty consistent in both my
shooting and skiing so I was happy with that.

I skied on the 14u’s (ed. note:  14u is an Ultratune prototype grind)
It was a tough pick between them and the i5’s,  the snow
was pretty hard and it was -14c this morning. The snow is fairly
transformed and all natural. The i5s were running better in the sunny
spots and the 14u’s better in the shade and most of the course was in
the shade so I went with them and they were equal or better then anyone
who I was skiing with.

Just in case for some odd reason you have not been able to find the
results yet they are on



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