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FasterSkierJanuary 25, 2012
I’ve added a link to the WOTD from this blog.
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For the past few seasons I’ve been doing daily updates for the Methow Valley’s grooming report to provide wax-of-the-day information.

On most days it’s a relatively straight-forward proposition:   a reasonable glide wax recommendation, and a decent grip wax recommendation.     But, here in the Methow Valley, there are 200km of groomed ski trails and they vary in altitude by nearly 2000 vertical feet, and range over an expansive area of well over 30km from one end to the other.    Ecosystems change from dense fir/pine forests to shrub-steppe grasslands.     It’s a big area.    And wax conditions can sometimes be pretty varied.

Although the area is expansive, and space on the daily report is limited, an effort is made to make a worthwhile set of recommendations, and every once in a while there’s a little local commentary to go along with it.

If you haven’t skied in the Methow Valley, this might be the year to drop everything and head to the Northwest.     It’s been a banner year for skiing here.    Groomed trails opened up before Thanksgiving, and the snow has been consistently excellent.      Right now there’s well over 4 feet of snow on the ground and the groomers are busy keeping 120 miles of trails manicured.

Stone Grinding Schedule
You’ve been training to get the most from your skiing, so make sure your skis aren’t a limiter.
Prepare all of your skis to run their best with a fresh stone grind and hotbox service. At Nordic Ultratune, a stone grinding batch starts every Thursday and those skis are ready for shipping on the following Monday — just 4 days later. Return shipping is FedEx Express Saver, which is 3rd day delivery. So, skis that are shipped out on Monday will arrive back to you on Thursday.
Here’s the upcoming service schedule at Nordic Ultratune. Use these dates to make sure you get your skis ready before your most important events.
  • Skis in by Jan 26 will ship out on Jan 30 and arrive to you by the Feb 2nd.
  • Skis in by Feb 2 will ship out on Feb 6th.
  • Skis in by Feb 9th will ship out on Feb 13th.
  • Skis in by Feb 16th will ship out on Feb 20th and get to you by Feb 23rd
You can see that there are still a few service batches scheduled before the big Marathon races (including the Birkie!).     There is still time to get a fast grind on your skis before your biggest events! But don’t delay… …fast boards are a joy to ski on, and they’re a real advantage.

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