Athlete’s Post: Anika and Julia

kateFebruary 23, 2012

Its go time!  We just got back from a day at the venue testing and waxing skis for tomorrow.  Team Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia all arrived today and its beginning to feel like race time!  The weather is warm and wet (a mix of rain and snow all day), but we are pushing through and hoping for a bit of a cool down tonight.  We’re really pumped up after seeing the kids at World Juniors/U23’s rip it up today and excited to get our race on tomorrow.  We will try to update as much as possible in the next couple of days, but bear with us because its going to be a whirlwind trip.  Thanks for checking in on us, can’t believe how fast its all flying by!  Send some well wishes our way!  -Kate 

Here’s yesterday’s report from Anika and Julia!

After a long night of bowling we got to sleep in late and eat an amazing breakfast at our hotel since it is our day off. The morning was spent being very studious and getting caught up before the racing starts. Before heading off to Tartu we ate lunch and watched the MTV top 10 James Blunt videos. The team bet that “You are Beautiful” would be the number one song. Turns out it was number two and there was no number one video! The afternoon was spent touring the city, and visiting its’ incredible science museum. We had a blast using the different machines and looking at the optical illusions. The biggest attraction of the day was a bike suspended high off the ground on a tight rope. It was a thrill to ride across, and everyone loved the ride! Before heading to a fancy dinner, we had free time to tour the city and get some shopping in (at least for the girls, who knows what he guys were up to). When it started to get a little stormy outside we headed to a nice dinner accompanied by some lovely music by a local band at the end of the meal.  Simi and Tom had Moose as their main meal, which they enjoyed very much, and Max tried beaver soup!  Once everyone was full, we headed to the cars to attempt to drive back without getting lost, which fulfilled successfully. Well, coach Adam claims Simi might have splashed a woman on the side of the road which he claimed to be “an accident,” but he did do an excellent job navigating so we forgave them: )

The bridge at our race venue

Max and Kyle

Teagan and Nicole

Eli chilling under the rainbow and Max in the curtain

The crazy mirror maze!

Pitch black photo booth: Pop a balloon in the dark.

Simi rockin’ the rope bike

Eli getting stuck upside down in the astronaut training simulator with a young evil? Estonia boy

Kate and Scott on the spinny chairs

Anika’s head sticking out of the fruit bowl

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