BKL Race at Grafton

February 11, 2012
Grafton Ponds is the place to race these days! Poppet, Liz, Helena, Alex, Mackenzie, & Russell spent the morning at Grafton for the BKL race and had lots of fun – great skiing by all SMS kids and friends. Koby, Pip, Katharine, Brooke, & Tess were all out and about skiing and cheering on their friends. 🙂 Mackenzie, Helena, and Alex went 1-2-3 and Russell was 2nd in the 7-8 race. They did 4 loops around the course at Grafton which has plenty of snow cover and even though the track got pretty soft by the time their race rolled around, it was still pretty solid skiing. Nice racing guys!

Grace Braddish.

Mackenzie, Alex, & Helena warm up for their race.

Mae Chalmers.

Eli Epilito.

Ben Ogden.

Lillian Fisher.
Emma Perry.

Charlotte Ogden.

Cheering on your teammates and friends is one of the best parts of skiing! Pip, Katharine, Tess, Brooke, and Emma on course cheering for the 7-8 racers.

Koby was out for a nice, easy ski today.

Scott Mooney was the top dog in the 7-8 race today!

Russell skied smoothly and kept Scott in sight to take 2nd place in the 7-8 race.

Mackenzie on her way to 1st place for girls in the 7-8 race.

Helena put in a late charge and nearly caught up with her teammate! She finished strong in 2nd place.

Alex Cobb on her way to third in the 7-8 race.
West River + SMS kids. : )

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