Dartmouth Carnival Skate Race

Sverre CaldwellFebruary 10, 2012

The Dartmouth Carnival race was moved to Trapps today and conditions were perfect!

SMS skiers, Anika (pictured above), Isabelle P, Gino, Paddy and Skyler were able to race under the 6 person NENSA quota and it was a great experience.
The college circuit is alive and well, with great competitons each weekend and it is good for our skiers to be able to jump in the mix and hammer against some very good skiers.
Isabel C. works the hill at 2 kms. It is also fun for us to go because we have so many alumni racing for different colleges.
Isabelle looks great up the hill. She, Anika, Izzy and Heather (below) all finished within 10 seconds of each other :).

Sophie gets refreshment from Austin (nice doo eh?). She is on a roll, winning her 4th of the last 5 carnivals.
Gino cathes a ride from Alex Howe (who placed 5th). Gino started out on fire (a little too much on fire) and paid the price on the secong lap. But..it was a great experience to be able to ski with two of the guys who placed in the top 5.
Alums Rachel (Middleburys top girl today) and Gage (UVM) show that good competiton does not mean that you can’t be friends.
Austin Cobb skiing smoothly as always.
Paddy had another solid race and placed 12th overall (just behind alums Chase and Fritz).
Skyler is rapidly improving his distance racing. He was lucky to be able to chase Patrick Johnson (race winner) when he was passed at 4 km.
Overall, it was a great day for current and past SMS skiers. Thanks to Dartmouth, NENSA and EISA for allowing us to race!

Sverre Caldwell

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