Day 1 at Trapps

EvanFebruary 4, 2012
We had a pretty great day out there at Trapps in the 5/10 km classic! The course got a bunch of new snow last night, and we were skiing in a lot more powder than expected. Justin rolled with it, and turned out some great skis on a very tricky day from the back-of-the-van wax cabin.
 Heidi had a great race today, finishing tied for 14th overall, 50 seconds behind women’s champion Sophie Caldwell. 

 MK skied great as well, coming across the line first for non-carnival OJ girls, finishing just 5 seconds behind Heidi. Nice!
 Rockin’ the high pony.

 It was the second gorgeous day in a row at Trapps, with a coating of new snow and a ton of spectators.
 Fitzy hammers in home in the finishing lanes. Colby 2016!
 Snacking post-race.
 Our buddy Ian Moore crushing it out there.
 There were so many fans I had to get creative with the angles: here Dev comes through on his second lap to the cheers of the crowd.
 Hans went out like a shot and held on for his best distance result of the season. Getting back into it, buddy!

Tomorrow is a new day, and promises to be a good one. The skate skis will be ripping.
Thanks to the families for helping the day run smoothly and for providing the food and encouragement that we needed out there!


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