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kateFebruary 15, 2012
Julia and Sloan wait for ski bags in Tallinn

“mini wieners” breakfast of champions.

Headed out for a jog.


Kyle’s dessert:  pink frozen yogurt and 1/2 breaded banana in fruity liquid?


The stadium

Wax rooms

Adam and the ski jump

We made it!  We are settled into Tehvandi Sports Center in Otepaa, our home for the next couple of days.  With the exception of one cancelled flight, our travels were long, but smooth, and everyone arrived into Tallinn last night.  We picked up the rental cars and drove to Otepaa just in time to crawl into bed and get some well deserved sleep.  We woke to a delicious breakfast, went for a jog, set up the wax cabin and unpacked skis.  After lunch we walked out our doors to the Tehvandi stadium and the infamous World Cup trails.  This place is no short of amazing.  The hills are long and steep and the corners are tight. (We tested out that hill that was “double pole”-able in the WC classic sprint…its pretty serious).  Everyone got a chance to rip around on the trails and earn themselves some big smiles.  For now, we’re settling into the routine and letting our bodies adjust to this new environment.  Its cool, but not too cold (-2 or -3 C) and the sun is even peeking from behind the clouds.  We will train smart in the next couple of days, and then head to Mammaste to prepare for competition.  On Sunday we will return to Otepaa to watch the start of Estonia’s most famous ski marathon (and part of the international Worldloppet), The Tartu Marathon, which begins here and then head to Elva to watch the finish.  Tonight, I think we’ll check out the sauna.  Stay tuned for frequent updates from the ATHLETES.  Thanks for following!  Sorry for the lack of quality in the photos!

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