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cmalcolmFebruary 12, 2012

Today was another baby step forward from yesterday.  Yes one itty bitty baby of a step.  But I nailed it!

There are moments when you want to hop, skip, leap…. or run at an all out mad dash ahead.  But it doesn’t work that way. There are times when you get so frustrated and angry you could throw a sandwich… But that’s no fun.  So here I am.  Totally stoked on my baby step.  Completely ok with this patience thing I’m trying out… atleast for now.

Back to today.

So many things went right!  I…
-Stayed relaxed
-Effortlessly picked a pair of race skis (ok actually I handed two pairs to the techs and said see you in the start pen!)
-Got in a good warm up and a relatively painless zero
-Put my head band on RIGHT SIDE UP (though I did have a team mate double check for me)
-Hit a few more targets
-Felt slightly more lively on my skis
-Smiled (albeit being covered in snot and slobber) the entire time

AND my team mates crushed it. Lanny tied for 4th, Laura was 10th, and Tracey finished 12th!

(photo from Hannah D)

I survived.  That was a big goal of mine coming off of being so sick for so long.  I needed to not give up, and I did just that.  I kept it together the entire race!  I didn’t have to fight the urge to scream, “Take me out coach!”  I was focused, heck I think there were even moments when I skied a little less like a dainty fairy child and more like my (totally imaginary) super hero alter ego (wonder girl).

We know I’m a long ways from being 100%… but for the time being I’m ok with coming back one step at a time.



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