Podiums and Downtown

FasterSkierFebruary 23, 2012

Well I was not there as I stayed back with the Jrs and took them downtown, and then out to train, but what a day! Sadie came 5th about 5-6s from 2nd and Hoff was skiing with the worlds best taking second in a very tight race!

Sorry I could not figure out how to rotate this one. Pretty cool though.

They sell wood on the side walk. We saw an old man tough as nails carrying a huge bag back to his house.


Ahh nice morning mist NOT. Super smog totally gross and really really hard to breath in. Our hotel and race venue are not in the smog.

Will laid it on the line in a very tough field. Not pictured but Stephanie actually got a little O2 from medical after she finished pretty wobblely, all maxed out from the elevation.

Podium shots later, but flowers in the wax room always a good sign!

Jessie is one of the heavy hitter favorites for the races. Too bad she was sick when she arrived. Recovered now she is feeling ready rumble in the skiathlon! For some reason the press thought Jessie was a sprint specialist, we are all hoping to change that impression Saturday.

The man of day Hoff! 2nd to a super legit Russian.

Big Logs Logan around a very tight turn. Right before he came through two guys crashed and smashed the v board.

Corey in the start. She struggled a bit but learned some invaluable lessons for the future.

One of the top Russians with 200 meters to go.

The Jrs down in the old city.

Finally I found one to photo! A “wild” turkish (click then link to): kangal. These things are all over the place.

Nice cardboard grill. Actually our wax dudes did the same so the rental would make to the race in the morning. Apparently there is no winterized fuel here and a lot of cars, trucks and buses lurch/stall along in the cold. It is -30 in the am and about -3-4 in the day.

A demo’ed apartment building. There are a lot of areas of rubble.

Very nice turkish stylings

Nice Bling Reese.

Turkish rugs in front of a Mosque. I went to buy one but the rug shop was closed!

Lot’s of horses and carts downtown.

Cool art work art carved into a wall downtown.

A Cay house or Tea house.

Ready to go for a real cup!

A nice ornate set up for the Turkish Coffee.

The bottom of the cup filled with grinds. Actually I like my freeze dried at the hotel way better

I love mayo on my pasta. The Russians actually love it and they super fast!

Check out these cool snow boots

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