Skate Intensity with West River BKL

February 22, 2012

We had a nice morning up at the mountain for our skate intensity day.  The West River BKL kids are on February break so they were able to join us in the morning for a combo practice with both teams.  We warmed up with 20 minutes of one-on-one skiing (older SMS skier with a younger SMS skier/West River BKL skier) and worked on some technique and drills – a good chance for the older kids to do some teaching and for the younger kids to get some individualized attention. : )  We worked on some starts, and then wrapped up with a relay race up and down the Solstice trail for those who are feeling rested and healthy.

 Mac, Paddy, & Gino go head to head.
 Hallie is on break from college (Bates) right now.  It was great to have her back with the team for the morning! 
Younger girls lining up to get matched up with the older boys for their relay partners. 
 Start of the relay!  Chloe Levins (yellow tights) mixes it up out front with the boys. : ) 
 The steepest hill on the course. 
 Russell transitions smoothly into his V1.
 Will drops right into his skate tuck! 
Charlotte – looking good!
 Happy. : )  
 Mac with his dad right behind!

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