Sweetheart Sprints at School!

EvanFebruary 9, 2012
Yesterday we had the annual Sweetheart Sprints race at GMVS! We were happy to welcome the skiers from the Harwood Middle School team up to GMVS and raced around a loop in the upper field. The track was fast and hard and we had some terrific racing, complete with thrills and spills!
The format was a qualifier followed by seeding of two-person teams. The ten teams skied head to head relays, with each person skiing two legs. The winning teams advanced to a semifinal and then a three-way final. Here MK rounds the final turn in qualifying.

Speed demon!

Eliot, one of our Flex Term skiers, had great energy out there today!

Noah, also part of our fantastic Flex Term crew, skied a blazing qualifying time, taking the title.

Just enough snow to race.

Noah and Isobel go head to head in the heats.

Sophie Libby rounds the last corner on her way to tag her partner.

Nice weight shift!

Maddie Strasser takes it cleanly.

Eliot: head down and go!

Maddie is also here on Flex Term: we’ve had a great week with great kids. Here she stands in the exchange zone as Noah waits in the wings.

Nicole was my relay partner out there. Nice skiing we’ll see you on the trails!

Justin brought the shades to play and we tied in qualifying: 1 minute 9 seconds for a loop.

Nell Shea is having a fantastic season and brought her award winning enthusiasm to the course today. It’s always nice to see the smiles!

Isobel, muggin’.

Thanks to Missy Shea, our timing extraordinaire, for keeping everything running smoothly.

We had some tight battles out there.

The Nell/Caleb matchup was exciting all day.

Annika, our final Flex Term kid, was flying out there despite not feeling 100%.

Maddie forgot her boots but got to race in an old pair of MK’s and cruised around the track.

Justin lines up the three-team final: Phillip, Ava, and Izzy toe the stripe.


Phillip checks for his nearest competition.

Izzy leads Ava through the middle of the course.

It was a fun day all around: here some of the group waits for the awards ceremony.

And a group photo! Tom Strasser (father of Maddie), organizes the crew while Rafter goes hunting for chocolate kisses.



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