Trapps Race Course Preview: Sunny and Fast!

EvanFebruary 3, 2012
It was sunny and cold at Trapps, and believe it or not the snow is awesome! We tested some klister, previewed the course, and did some speed and technique work to get stoked!
Fitzy cruising past the snow fencing: the venue is looking pro and it should be some sweet racing out there tomorrow.

MK tunes it up with some speeds over the top of the first climb.

Hans was channeling Gjerdalen at the van, and on the trails.

It’s been a klister season so far, and tomorrow is looking like the call for tomorrow again… unless it snows tonight.

Dev, muggin’.

Getting the boards ready.

It was a gorgeous day up above the valley with a pretty sweet rime coating on the trees in the mountains.

Not sure what Hans is going for here.

Heidi rips through the stadium.

Skiing with our friend Sammy T who’s had a solid start to the carnival season, and just debuted on Twitter @Tarling_Sam (is that how you do that?).

Working on the stride.

Until tomorrow… check back for updates on the races!

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