West River BKL Practice #3!

February 15, 2012
We had a really fun afternoon with the West River BKL Club! We had a bigger turnout than we’ve had for the past two weeks which was awesome – lots of energetic kids zipping around on skis. : ) We started off with some no pole skiing & balance drills – can you take your ski off while gliding down a hill, spin it around your head, and put it back on your foot without falling down? A lot of our kids could today! We finished off with a long game of keep away with three teams. Thanks to our SMS skiers for coming out and showing the BKL kids the ropes! This morning our skiers did a 1:15 – 1:45 ski on the Danby Mt. Tabor Road, where we had some of the nicest skiing conditions we’ve had lately. Thanks so much to John Ogden for grooming the road for us! Onward to the race weekend – a final series of Eastern Cups, relocated to Craftsbury, VT. Stay tuned for photos and a race report! More photos from practice today here.
Emma, Leah, and Valentina working on their balance.
Charlotte Ogden has her balance dialed in!
Luke Rizio (Mackenzie’s little brother) lands in a split!
Birthday girl Brooke celebrated her Sweet 16 with two ski practices today!
Siblings Scott and Brooke trying to remove their ski while gliding.
Tess tries to master the trickiest part – putting your ski back on.
What are these guys doing?
Skiing backwards!
New hats from Sauce Headwear!
Massive game of keep away!
Poppet lunges…
…loses it…
Grace comes in for the steal…
And she’s off!
Almost everyone ended up on the ground at some point!
All smiles. 🙂
Pig pile!
Cake for the birthday girl!

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